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Bring your music to your PC, too

Spotify For Pc Free Donwload

Now, listening music and beats is free, easy, and fun on PC. If you want to stream music on your PC then download & install from here (Download Spotify For PC).


  • Song, artist, album or playlist.
  • Readymade playlists in every genre.
  • Radio
  • Podcast & audiobooks.
  • More music with personalized playlist.
  • Easy to keep track of new releases from artists.

Your Spotify:

  • Download your favorite tunes and play offline.
  • Listen & Enjoy Ad-free streaming.
  • Much better user experience and audio quality.
Compatibility of System:
  1. A PC running Windows XP, Vista, 7,8 or 10.
  2. 50GB free disk space on your computer, at least, with Spotify’s cache taking up no more than 5GB.
  3. 2GB RAM
  4. A broadband Internet connection.

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Why to use Spotify on PC?

Are you freaked out of Spotify on Mobile? We give you Spotify for. You can enjoy following features which are inaccessible on mobile app.

Drag & Drop — Sharing

While listening Spotify on PC, you will have a URL that you use to access your music. Since you have this URL, it is easy to share with friends and colleagues — what you are listening. In this way, you can harmonize with your circle. Your friends might love this because they may not be having the music collection that you have at their end. Share the joy and love of Spotify on your PC with friends and everything will be entertaining.

Sing with Lyrics

Singing along is half the fun of music; therefore, having the lyrics popping out of your PC automatically is perfect. In case you are utilizing Spotify on PC, it is possible to install chrome lyrics by Rob W extension.

View song history

The mobile app gives a recently played belt that lets you to scroll by the playlists and albums you’ve listened to recently, but it doesn’t give you a song-by-song list. But Spotify for PC does.

Playlist folders

If your playlists is long and difficult to peruse, then you need to start grouping your playlists into folders. Install Spotify for PC, go to File > Create Playlist Folder and give it a name. You can then drag playlists into it. But you cannot create or edit playlist folders with the mobile app, but thankfully playlist folders just appear on the mobile app.


When you have this web player, it is possible to listen to your favorite music only at the house of your friend or work minus the need of carrying your computer. You need to log into your account. The local speakers will immediately start playing the music you love in no time because it is a simple procedure.

Bring back deleted playlists

If you’ve deleted your playlist, whether accidentally or wanted to get rid of it and you want to restore, don’t panic. Spotify keeps a record of your old playlists in case you ever want to bring them back. Head to Account > Recover Playlist > Tap on RECOVER for desired playlist. and (once you’ve signed in) you can see recently deleted playlists together with buttons to restore each one. Tap the restore to bring back the desired playlist into your storage

Use keyboard shortcuts

Spotify has a decent selection of keyboard shortcuts. You can take advantage of these shortcuts to simplify and speed up your interactions with Spotify on your PC. You can play or pause your music by hitting SPACE BUTTON on your keyboard. for example, or Ctrl+Left and Ctrl+Right to skip through tracks. Spotify has a full list of shortcuts that you can use.

Video Guide: Spotify For PC


There are so many tools and apps that make Spotify very interesting. All these add up to make the use of the app great. Besides the first setup, which is easier on the desktop apps, why would you choose the web app? The reasons above are enough to make you choose the Spotify for PC.




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