Download Spotify For Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 9, 10

Beginning today, download the Spotify app for Windows

Spotify For Windows 7,8,9,10




The Spotify for Windows is available today in all 60 countries where Spotify is accessible.

Compatibility of System:
  • A PC running Windows XP, Vista, 7,8 or 10.
  • 50GB free disk space on your computer, at least, with Spotify’s cache taking up no more than 5GB.
  • 2GB RAM
  • A broadband Internet connection.


Spotify responds quickly to requests. But for ease of listening, it does keep quite a lot of data in its cache — an area on your computer’s hard drive specified to keep tracks and fragments of tracks. For smooth running of your Spotify for windows, your system should meet following least requirements:


When looking at a music service for the very first time, there’s usually a long list of service providers. It becomes difficult for a user to select the best choice. For the convenience of our user, we pick the questions from search engines which are frequently asked and we deem it necessary to answer for the ease of user.

Q. Why to use Spotify on Windows?

Ans. The experience of Spotify on Windows is much vast and delightful. There are more users of Spotify on windows as compared to any Mac. Moreover, the official download statistics of Spotify also reveals the deviation of user attention to window setup in comparison to Mac.

You can:

  • browse the curated playlists section shown on the Spotify app for Windows.
  • Watch recently played songs
  • Create your own playlist.
  • Search song/ album/ artist.
  • Discover new music genres
  • Find out what music is trending country vise.

Q. Is it safe to use Spotify on Windows?

Ans. Personal information is not shared with third parties except to perform a “market survey” in order to measure the service of experience. Spotify itself collects “information about your use of the application, service and Web site, including personal information such as media that you access for the purpose of building statistics and trends of particular song/album. Besides this, queries you make, date and time of your request, your Internet protocol address, performance of your network and computer, your browser type, language and identifying information, your operating system and application version” are also taken into account by the server.

Q. What is big difference between using Spotify on windows and mobile app?

Ans. There is a lot more difference to experience. You can:

  • Use keyboard shortcuts

Spotify can be operated with the help of keyboard shortcuts. You can take advantage of these shortcuts to simplify and speed up your interactions with Spotify on your Windows PC. You can play or pause your music by hitting SPACE BUTTON on your keyboard. for example, or Ctrl+Left and Ctrl+Right to skip through tracks. Spotify has a full list of shortcuts that you can use.

  • Drag & Drop — Sharing

While listening Spotify on PC, you will have a URL that you use to access your music. Since you have this URL, it is easy to share with friends and colleagues — what you are listening

  • Sing with Lyrics

Singing along is half the fun of music; therefore, having the lyrics popping out of your PC automatically is perfect.

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