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What are Mod Apks?

Mod Apks are just modified version of their original Apps.

‘Mod’ means Modified. Another term used is ‘pirated app’

The mod apk is basically cracked app. They don’t have a original signature from original developers of app. There are changes made in the original app to make it better, but also some modded apks contain viruses or ad wares. Because, it’s very easy to inject malicious code into such app packages, which means any such app can potentially include malicious code. Be careful before downloading and installing any modded (pirated) app from any untrusted source. Because, there are chances that the app is infected by malware. Such malware can infect your device in various ways. There’s no doubt that the more open nature of mod Apk (relative to other platforms) makes your device more susceptible to malware.

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No doubt, Mod apk of any app gives some extra features unlocked as compared to genuine apk version. Because the features are unlocked which are actually available only in paid version only. Besides offering the all unlocked features of app, this may involve potentially harmful risks. Various other websites are not only offering the Spotify Apk Mod/hack version parallel in the market but also don’t ensure the privacy of your device, accounts and profiles. It is nothing more than a modified form of original spotify premium apk file. You can face following threats if Spotify Mod apk is installed in your device;

Crash App Problem: After the installation, the app may crash at anytime if your device/system doesn’t support it. It shall waste your time and data charges at all. Even after restarting the app, you’ll turn your nose every time.

Hang Problem: Spotify modded apk, after running and installation, may cause you hang problem. Therefore, app itself not only hangs, but it may cause the same problem to your device/system.

Potentially harmful: Spotify apk mod may cause harm/damage to your device/system files. Sometimes, your files may go missing. Although you haven’t deleted them.

Privacy Risk: Ever now and again, there are just scams. It may put your privacy in harm or steal your personal data. You just remain unaware of this breach of privacy and a scammer takes what he wants from your system/device. Spotify is an ever growing streaming company that has raised millions of dollars from the investors, and VC and covering the milestones with its diligent staff , so we can operate our business on a larger scale. Company policy does not allow to use such sneaky ways entirely.

Centerpiece: The company has developers, experts, and highly developed application security system to detect fake users on the platform. Whether in premium apk version or Spotify modded apk, a user can only sign up by using his e-mail account or Facebook account. If you are detected using false means to get signed up on Spotify, security system may block your account and user is unable to sign in, further. Moreover, details of the account with which the user was signed up can’t use it again to sign up. Because security system puts the user’s details in blacklist.

Why download only apk mod file?

Although, there is no big deal in installing apk mod file. Apk mod file of any game or app is the modified file of original file. The APK is a compressed file that, after being unpacked, contains several files and folders that make up the application. The files in the root are Androidmanifest.xml, classes.dex and resources.arsc, along with other possible files required. These 3 files see that they are encrypted and a special decryption software will have to be used. Now in the consequence of above question, another question arises.

Whether it is legal to download or illegal?

It is not legal to download Apk Mod file of any game/app. Only user is responsible, if any harmful consequences arises. Official app stores like Microsoft Store, Google play Store, App store of iPhone do not offer apk/ apk mod file of games or apps. Another important thing is that, while downloading apk/ apk mod file, you would not be given any terms & conditions to agree with. Because whenever you download app from official store, a set of terms & conditions are displayed to agree with. It ensures your privacy of device and keeps your data secure from malware.

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